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An all-source environment for i2 that allows you to create dynamic productions and share insights.


Collaborative Insight Sharing

A bigger picture emerges when your data—of any type, any origin—resides in one place, and is searchable, linkable, and sourced. Hard-to-understand, disparate data becomes much more powerful when it’s interconnected, cohesive, and visualizable.


Integrated All-Source Environment

Your team gains the power to examine and share interconnected data and research from multiple perspectives. The result: a richer collective knowledge base, with a holistic view that informs and improves the decision-making process.


Dynamically Generated Productions

The strength of your data comes alive with automatically generated visuals. As your collective knowledge—and your case—evolves, your analysis product instantly reflects the status of the case with updated graphics.

  • i2_Savanna_41. All roads lead to Chavez, aka ‘El Rey’

    Investigations in Texas, Arizona, and Oregon all point to Ignacio Sebastian CHAVEZ. Connections include contacts in cell phones, shipping receipts, and personal contact described by confidential informants. Analysts imported this ANB Chart into Savanna as a valuable reference which is now searchable by the broader community.

  • i2_Savanna_5

    2. Human smuggling connection

    The compiled histories of key KINGBREAKER actors suggest a possible relationship to a smuggling ring surrounding the Medrano family. This timeline was automatically generated based on contributions from multiple analysts. It’s easy now for investigators to see connections between key events and related people.

  • i2_Savanna_6

    3. Offshore shell company operation

    A confidential informant tied 4036 Torre Dr, Amarillo, TX 79109 to Chavez’s smuggling operations, and this address also appears in the recent ‘Panama Papers’ leak. Analysts use flexible dossiers to capture all-source information for case management. These dossiers accommodate data of any type and from any source while maintaining its integrity and lineage.

  • i2_Savanna_7

    4. New address leads to further investigation

    Mateo Luis Ramos, who was arrested in Portland, Oregon for distribution of methamphetamine, is part of Chavez’s network. He was operating out of the Portland address which is also listed in the ‘Panama Papers’ leak. Integrated maps provide a quick geospatial perspective on the extent of the network.

  • i2_Savanna_8

    5. Hidden relationships start to emerge

    The Portland address is tied to addresses in China, Russia, and the British Virgin Islands through a shell company as well as an intermediary in Dubai. Analysts can automatically see Links and Entities pulled from a live connection to iBase. Working with i2 and Savanna, analysts and investigators were able to move the operation forward again.

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