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Intuitive, flexible, and fast—Savanna was designed for human interaction, to give analysts the tools they need to solve complex problems. Savanna brings disparate data together in a way that helps you visualize what cannot be “seen” with data alone, so you can quickly fill in the spaces to make better informed decisions.

Usability is our top priority, so you can dive right in and craft your analysis through visual and narrative tools, quickly turning the unknown into actionable results.

About Savanna

Savanna released its enterprise analysis product in 2010 to help our customers collaboratively solve complex problems. While our customers and the industries we serve are varied, the problems they seek to solve share many common attributes: rapidly changing situations, disparate data types in separate databases, and the need to correlate, collaborate, build and share a viable narrative in an environment of constant change.

Since its launch, each subsequent release of Savanna has added new functionality and focus for users: collaboration, all-source data, flexible data modeling, link analysis, and plug-ins, including access to social media sources.

Savanna and its software dependencies have successfully undergone Department of Defense accreditation for deployment on classified networks.

Savanna simplifies the monitoring and connecting of data in many formats from multiple areas: parent companies, labor issues, customers, geography, foreign languages, operations and others. The ability to build holistic analysis helps organizations shatter silos and respond proactively to potential threats, share and preserve key knowledge, and create sustainable, scalable workflows.
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Intelligence professionals work on topics ranging from the most critical national security issues to the most pressing humanitarian emergencies. They use Savanna to intuitively collaborate on impactful briefings, parsing all-source data to quickly identify key insights.
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Police departments, sheriff's offices, fusion centers and federal law enforcement agencies share information in order to stay ahead of a rapidly changing public safety landscape. With Savanna, officers blend existing data with new information from social media and other outside sources while dynamically creating case files.
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