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Savanna is a powerful and approachable collaborative analysis tool. It allows you to examine problems from multiple perspectives, identify bias and inform the decision-making process.

Savanna helps your team collect, organize, visualize and share information to solve complex problems, assemble a richly sourced and interconnected living knowledge base, and create professional Productions as you go.

All at a market leading price point.

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News from our team
  • Burundi’s Futile Search for a Diplomatic Solution

    Burundi escapes the notice of many international affairs observers. Their crisis is overshadowed by consistent headlines about Boko Haram and the Islamic State, yet it is no less critical.

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  • Savanna 4.7 Introduces Plugins, Opening ‘A World of New Content’

    New in this release are Savanna Plugins. Plugins do more than allow users to import data. The game changer is in the ability to link to external content, leaving the data in its original source.

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  • Disputes in the South China Sea

    Political tensions around this bustling hub of commerce have been on the rise for years, however, and calming them will be no easy task.

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