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Would you like a demo, or do you need help or a support contract? Contact info@thetus.com with any questions.

What kinds of organizations use Savanna?

Teams of any size who collect disparate information from different locations and sources, and collaborate on analysis to deliver and share insights to address complex problems. Savanna can be used by teams numbering from a few people, to hundreds. Savanna serves companies in a wide range of industries, including Government, Consulting, Risk Management, Law Enforcement, and Research.

How do we install it?

Savanna’s cloud-based platform is accessible from any web browser. We can host it for you or install it on your server. Your organization benefits from flexible subscription options, quick and easy setup and no IT.

What can Savanna integrate with?

Data lives in many places. Our custom plug-ins allow Savanna to access external data and analytics from any source and import them into one accessible location, while leaving the data in its original source. Then Savanna automatically integrates the information from the different sources into dynamic views that can be easily shared. Possible sources include:

  • Dropbox
  • Geolocators
  • Google Cloud Vision
  • Most common relational databases
  • Basis Technologies Rosette
  • RSS feeds
  • Social media such as Instagram and Twitter
  • Wikipedia
  • Almost anything you could think of

In short, Savanna can easily integrate with existing software and web APIs to extend your analysis all in one place.

What types of data can Savanna use?

Bring in any data source you need. Savanna ingests and displays data from a wide variety of common file formats: PDFs, in-house databases, Excel sheets, photographs, Panama Papers, and others. View a complete list.

Can we keep our current data organization structure?

Savanna is flexible, so whatever your data organization model is, Savanna can easily work with it.

How do you keep my data secure?

We can set up Savanna within your closed network or on the cloud using the same information assurance technologies as financial institutions, law enforcement, and mobile applications.

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