Savanna has a proven track record of delivering key insights and solving complex problems.
Analysts, researchers, investigators and others in intelligence and law enforcement agencies use Savanna to inform policy by visualizing and mitigating risk.

Savanna simplifies the monitoring and connecting of data in many formats from multiple areas: parent companies, labor issues, customers, geography, foreign languages, operations and others. The ability to build holistic analysis helps organizations shatter silos and respond proactively to potential threats, share and preserve key knowledge, and create sustainable, scalable workflows.
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Intelligence professionals work on topics ranging from the most critical national security issues to the most pressing humanitarian emergencies. They use Savanna to intuitively collaborate on impactful briefings, parsing all-source data to quickly identify key insights.
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Police departments, sheriff's offices, fusion centers and federal law enforcement agencies share information in order to stay ahead of a rapidly changing public safety landscape. With Savanna, officers blend existing data with new information from social media and other outside sources while dynamically creating case files.
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