Savanna 4.6 makes accessing Savanna even easier than before! Our newest release launches Savanna Cloud, a monthly subscription option that delivers on-demand analysis, professional support and elastic resources, with all of the benefits and features of Savanna included.


With Savanna Cloud, setup is quick and easy, and flexible subscription options let you tailor the number of users to your business needs. Because Savanna Cloud is deployed to Amazon’s AWS, we worry about system maintenance and availability while you get right to work. Support staff is available for all your needs, including optional training, data integration and analysis service add-ons.

Savanna 4.6 also delivers Production. Production is an essential tool for creating and sharing compelling content interactively. Using this feature, you can build presentations as part of your workflow, saving you the time and energy needed to compile relevant content later on.


With Productions, at any point during your workflow, you can capture the current state of your work as a Scene, and save the Scene directly to a specified Production. Like taking a screenshot, capturing a Scene captures everything in the visible window of the view, including the layout and placement of all elements, any visible callouts and more. This allows you to track the progress of your analysis by saving a record of previous or current work, and gives you a stockpile of useful content when you’re ready to present your findings.


productionsceneoverviewWhen you’re ready to polish your presentation, simply open up a Production and find it automatically populated with Scenes that you previously captured. To further customize your Production, you can rearrange Scenes and add contextual text to put your analysis in content. Finish your Production by customizing the cover page with a title, authors, description and a representative image.

Displaying and sharing your Production is just as easy. You can quickly and easily navigate between Scenes using the navigation icons of the left side of the Production window, and return to the home page with one click. Your Production is a polished presentation that tells an analysis story in an attractive, accessible format.

productioncover (1)

These are just a few of the enhancements and additions Savanna 4.6 brings to your analysis experience. To keep up with upcoming releases and new features, follow our blog. In the meantime, you can watch Savanna in action on our YouTube page at

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