New plugin functionality accelerates discovery in collaborative, web based environment

April 19th, 2016 – Portland, OR. Thetus Corporation announced the release of Savanna 4.7 today. An update to its 4.0 release in 2014, Savanna augments the human effort inherent to analysis. With Savanna, users can visualize data to document insights mined from complexity and analyze relationships. New in this release are Savanna Plugins. Plugins do more than allow users to import data. The game changer is in the ability to link to external content, leaving the data in its original source.

Data lives in many places. Analyzing data from many sources often means full data transformation and migration into a new program.  This process is daunting and exactly what Savanna 4.7 Plugins address. Whether on databases or on the web, users can search all of their sources from one application to enrich a living knowledge base. Plugins also enable Savanna to receive streams of information from sources like RSS, Twitter, geolocators, and others.

Savanna Plugins open opportunities for new partnerships as well. Thetus, the company that develops Savanna, has just partnered with Basis Technology Corporation, makers of the human language translation product Rosette. Thetus is working to leverage Rosette’s state of the art natural language processing, giving Savanna translation and text mining capabilities like locating names, places and other key concepts from a body of unstructured text. 

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